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international product sourcing, development & supply

Technical P uses its extensive network of international contacts to find the best suppliers for your needs. Our service is quick, accurate and cost-effective saving you valuable time spent in trying to locate possible suppliers.
All we need to know is what you need to achieve or about the products, components or materials you require. We will draw up a product specification to meet your specific criteria e.g. quantity, delivery, term, price etc. We can also arrange private label design and supply.

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Product Development
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Private Label Specialist

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Introduce highly innovative
quality products at low costs before your competitors do!

We can provide the support and management structures you need to implement and develop your new products ensuring maximum success.

technical chemicals, automotive, industrial & OEM sectors

At Technical P we work with our customers in a number of industries providing high quality products including sealants, adhesives, additives and cleaning products. Our extensive experience enables us to design and supply products for your specific application.

We are proud of our commitment to customers and work hand-in-hand with them to provide solutions that meet their exact needs. Product development is ongoing to ensure that products are both effective and efficient.

private label

Development and supply of
private label products.
Cost effective design solutions
& shortrun specialist.

New image/brand design
Existing brand development
Low cost printing

european sales

Abro Products
Quality automotive aftercare consumer products.

PCI Plating Chemicals
Quality metal finishing chemicals.

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